Monday, January 05, 2009

Back in the city.

Well, I've returned to New York and am trying to get back in the swing of things (read: working all the time) after almost 3 weeks of lounging. As predicted, I wasn't able to get in a run on Sunday, but it wasn't due to work so much as it was because I got home from the coffee shop, had dinner, and then went to bed at 6pm...yep. Had to soak up those last few hours of vacation in style.

I got up early this morning (after only 12 hours of sleep) and did my 3 mile route to Fort Greene Park and back. I feel like no matter how many 5 and 6 milers I work up to, that run will never get any easier. Still, I am picking up speed a little bit. I'm averaging about 10 minute miles now, as opposed to the 12-13 minutes I was at a month ago. Little by little...

I feel pretty good about the totals for last week. I'm going to aim for a little further this week, but we'll see. I no longer have the luxury of peeling myself off the couch whenever I feel like it for a mid-afternoon jog. Aiming for the gym tomorrow and a run in Central Park with Vaz on Wednesday. The weekend is going to be pretty loungy, since J. and I are reuniting for a mini-staycation.

Week 5 totals: 13.2 miles, 11 hours of yoga, 3 rest days (4 no run days)


  1. Just caught up on your, I mean, no, I'm working very hard at my desk right now...

    First of all, congratulations on the 6 miles!! That's a big step. And you know, 6 miles is the loop in Central Park if you ever want to run up there with me. You're doing great! I'm so excited for you!

  2. Thanks for the encouragement! The 6 did feel like a big step--it was the first point that I felt like, OK, I can really do this...and maybe more. Once I get a little more comfortable at 6 miles and beyond, I'd love to do the loop with you. I've yet to run in Central Park, but have been meaning to get up there.

    Your blog from two years ago is the biggest inspiration, seeing your progress and determination. I don't think this would've even occurred to me as something I'd like to do/could do before you and Sarah ran the marathon, so thanks--way to be amazing!