Thursday, January 01, 2009

Run, yoga, run.

I've really tried to get back on track this week. So far so good. I've still been doing a ton of yoga, but I've been getting some good long runs in, too.

On Saturday, Mom and I got up early for a vinyassa/yin yoga class with Peggy. Then, feeling all zen and warmed up, we set out for Mom's first run. It was incredibly foggy out and we could only see about 25 feet in front of us before the wall of fog blocked everything out. It was a little disorienting, but we did a steady 2 miles in no time--a full mile further than Mom thought she could go! As I said, she's already in pretty great shape, so it was no surprise to me. And, since she said if she could do 2 miles by January she'd be in, we are now both officially training for the half. All of her friends heard about our plans and decided they wanted to run a half with their daughters too, so she's got some great support for training in Michigan while I train in New York.

I was feeling pretty good later that day, and felt like I needed to get some more mileage in since I'd done close to nothing last week, so I ended up running another 4 miles for kicks (43 minutes). After that, I was good and tired.

Sunday was Christmas with Dad's fam, so was a rest day for me. I did get in a vinyassa class in the morning, though. I'm becoming a yoga addict.

Week 4 totals: 5.6 miles, 9 hours of yoga, 2 rest days (4 no run days)

On Monday, I did gentle flow yoga in the morning. Later, it was the ideal temperature for running--brisk enough so I didn't overheat, but warm enough that I wasn't at all cold--so I set out with a longer goal in mind. It was, however, really, really windy, and I struggled a bit because of it. BUT I still managed to break a new barrier--5 miles! I'm started to realize that it never gets any harder (it doesn't really get easier though, either). Your body just keeps adjusting and when you go further, it begins to feel exactly the same as running a mile less. Same tiredness in the legs, same slight shortness of breath, but it just took a little longer. Regardless, I was really proud of myself. I also ran it in 53 minutes, so I'm getting a bit faster, too. Hooray!

I think part of the speed and mileage increase is due to my little ipod shuffle, which I love. I got it for Christmas, put 125 fast-paced songs on it, and it's really changed the way I run. I know that according to trainers, you're not supposed to run with music because it takes the focus away from your body and your breath and the cars coming at you, but honestly, it's really helped me out. When I focus on my body and the struggle, I want to quit when I've barely started. But singing along to songs I know helps the time pass, and the quick beats get me going a bit faster than I'm used to. Praise the shuffle!

On Tuesday, Mom and I ran the same 2 miles we did before, but picked up the pace a bit this time. Mom found it a little harder this time (probably because she'd been on her feet at work for 12 hours the night before!), but still finished like a champ. She's already planning ahead to use my routes when I'm back in NYC.

The rest of the day was dedicated to yoga. I can't stop! When yoga is free, I want to get as much in as possible. I went in at 4:45...and emerged ultra-relaxed and flexible 5 HOURS later. Yeah...I don't know what I'm going to do when I can't keep up this vacation lifestyle next week in the city.

Yesterday I did absolutely nothing, exercise-wise, and it was kind of great.

Today the yoga studio is closed, but I'm aiming for another 4-miler, if I can ever get out of bed.

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