Monday, January 12, 2009

Lazy weekend and totals.

We had the staycation this weekend, so as expected, I didn't get any running in. In fact, I barely got out of bed. I did see two movies and eat a lot of delicious brunch food, though.

Friday morning was the last day I ran, and it was the same un-fun morning run to Fort Greene Park and back. I am starting to REALLY hate that route! I'm starting to really love running in the mornings though, because I tend to be groggy for hours and hours after waking up, and the run gets the day off to a quicker start. I also really love leaving my apartment while it's still dark outside and seeing the sun come up as I run. But man! I really hate that 3 mile route, and need to find a better option. Maybe I should only run in the mornings when I'm at J.'s house and can go up to Prospect Park. I think a big reason I'm struggling with the Fort Greene route so much is that it's just so BUSY. Cars honking, people walking, garbage to leap over. Busy, busy, busy, even at 6am. It's pretty jarring after 3 weeks in quiet little Romeo. Ah, well.

Week 6 totals (disappointing): 11 miles, NO yoga, 4 rest days

This week will be better, I promise!

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