Sunday, January 04, 2009

More slacking, sort of...

Well, I ended up not running Thursday. Or Friday. Three days in a row of no running for no other reason than I was too lazy and concentrating on soaking up the last few relaxing days of my vacation.

I went to yoga both Friday and today, though--for 2 hours each--so at least I was getting something in. It was rough leaving that yoga class this morning. I'm going to miss Peggy, and I'm really going to miss being able to take advantage of free yoga for multiple hours a day.

After yoga today, Mom and I went for a jog. We tried a new route (actually, I tricked her into a different route that I knew so that she could go a little further and I could stick to the first part of my longer route). Mom is so fit and is already making speedy progress! She went 2.6 miles at a faster pace on a route full of hills. I was very proud of her, and already getting excited about the race that's months and months away. Peggy and her daughter want to come out for the half, too, and I hope that ends up happening. The more the merrier, and the more likely it is that Mom and I won't give up. We're already planning all sorts of pampering rewards for ourselves, should we finish.

As Mom turned left up the hill to finish off her 2.5, I turned right and continued on to reach my 6 mile goal for the break! I was ready to give up at about 4, but I'm really glad I kept on going. That was the main thing I wanted to accomplish over this holiday (well, that and lots of work, but I totally failed on that end so I feel pretty good about the 6 miles). My knees are old and rickety from the loads and loads of dance and gymnastics I did when I was younger, and they tend to hurt a whole lot on stairs and lunges, but they don't really hurt when I run at all. However, about half an hour after I finished the 6 miler this afternoon, both knees were throbbing in pain. It eased up after about 20 minutes, but they still feel a little shaky. I'll have to keep an eye on that going forward.

I have to go back to work at the coffee shop in about 6 hours, and then the rest of tomorrow will be dedicated to an edit letter and a nap. I'm not optimistic about fitting a run in, but I'll hold off on the totals for now.

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