Thursday, December 04, 2008

Back for more

After a day of slacking and seeing "Milk" with Rice, today I got back into the swing of things with an ambitious (for me) early morning jog. I set the alarm for 5:45, and after a few snoozes, finally got going at 6:15.

It was uphill on the way to Prospect Park and I was feeling pretty pessimistic, but once I got into the park, I actually really got into it. It's so much more motivating to run outside, among trees and other runners, than to run on the treadmill with nowhere to look except at the seconds crawling by on the display and with threats of a dangerous tumble forever on the brain.

I ambled along to Feist and Fiona Apple for a good 45 minutes before returning home, and, apart from some initial tiredness in my legs, was feeling okay for pretty much the entirety of the run. Turns out, the one drawback to running outside (besides inclimate weather--today was quite mild/nice) seems to be that I can't keep any sort of decent pace without seeing those little numbers on the treadmill. The reason that it felt easy running for 45 minutes was probably because I only ran 3.2 miles, which J. and I mapped out on google maps. I realize it's a pretty laughably slow pace at 14-minute-miles (J. actually did laugh at me, heartily, if I recall), but my goal here is endurance, not speed, and with training hopefully I can work up to a pace that'll be somewhat less embarassing on race day.

Tomorrow I'll return to the gym, and Saturday I plan to get back on the Bikram yoga train. Still feeling optimistic.


* Note: whenever I say "run," please read: "jog," for obvious reasons.


  1. The long awaited Christmas parade and tree lighting ceremony(6 whole strings this year) in downtown Romeo began at 7:00 p.m. last evening. Realizing we would miss the sheriff's horse battalion, Dana, mom and I sprinted from the house, down the hill to Benjamin and onward to W. St. Clair in an effort to snag front curb seats. I allude to the word "sprint" as somewhere between a fast walk and jog that lasted one block. Breathless, our sadly out of shape group, walked as briskly as possible for the next three blocks, timing our last needed "sprint" to arrive at our desired viewing spot. Despite the realization that one block is an atom fraction of 13 miles, mom remains committed to at least try. We need to quit smoking.

  2. I wish I had been there to see it.

    Yes, you really do need to quit smoking.

  3. just a quick comment on the above mentioned "sprint"- although i haven't yet started a rigorous training program to work up to the 2 mile by jan 1 plan, i have been thinking about it. when the opportunity arose to stretch my legs so to speak, it seemed like a good idea. however, the cigarette in one hand and the frosted snowflake sugar cookie in the other may have thrown my stride off. or perhaps the glass of wine before leaving the house?

  4. I love your blog! Maybe I'll run the race, too, with my roommate--she's having some knee problems, though...