Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Treadmill, take two.

I am really not cut out for treadmill running. It's somehow boring and terrifying at the same time. In addition to being a clutz, I am someone who cannot really walk in a straight line and sort of zigzags through daily life, so it's--and I know this sounds utterly ridiculous--kind of a real challenge for me to run straight and actually stay on the treadmill. I also have a lot of trouble with the steady pace that the treadmill enforces, so when my mind wanders--and how could it not with the same exact thing in front of me for 45 minutes?--I start to slow down and end up stumbling.

I went back to the gym last night after work, and was pleasantly surprised to see Monday Night Football on one tv to my left. The trouble was, I couldn't seem to look slightly to the left without my feet veering left as well, which of course resulted in several more near-death experiences. I finally gave up and zoned out staring at the anti-drunk-driving poster straight ahead.

I set out to break my 4 mile mark for the first time, and was well on my way...when they closed the gym and cut the machines. I've got to start getting there earlier. A bit of a bummer for sure. I ended up running 3.7 miles over 40 minutes at a 1.5 incline and speed varying between 5 and 5.7. My body was so sore/tired/miserable after what I did to it at Bikram the other night--my lower back was screaming!--but I pushed through. Almost there! I was feeling really motivated to get up this morning and finally get to 4, but after staying up until 2:30 working last night, I couldn't drag myself out of bed.

I'm still not on track for improving eating habits, and am forever reaching for the cookies. Today's a rest day, and a chance to ultra carb it up with F. over a pierogi dinner. Mmm, pierogi, how I love thee.

Tomorrow: work from home and take a run break over lunch.


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