Friday, December 26, 2008

Hello again.

It's been quite awhile since I've updated this thing, for three reasons: 1) I'm on vacation, 2) I haven't really been running much, because 3) I've had the flu. I've gotten some other exercise in, though--a LOT of yoga.

I got to Michigan last Thursday night, the 18th, ready for two and a half long weeks of relaxation after a crazed period of ultra-work before the holidays. I managed to get in just before a series of snow storms hit the mitten state; that night, we got about twelve inches, and we got another three the next day. We had a brief break in snow on Friday for the temperature to drop down to 8 degrees with a negative 20 windchill. No running for me. I did manage to get down to my mom's yoga studio down the street, though, where lovable hippy Peggy teaches a combination of Vinyassa and Yin yoga ("Harmony yoga"). Since I'm my mom's guest, she gave me a week unlimited for free, so I've been determined to make the most of it. I went Friday, Saturday (9am!), and Sunday mornings. I wasn't expecting to be so sore...I've done Bikram in the past, but Vinyassa and Yin exercise completely different muscles. The poses are also more difficult, since your body's not already stressed from extreme heat. I finally understand why EE finds Vinyassa so appealing. Maybe I'll have to join her in NY sometime.

After yoga on Saturday, I did get in a run. We google mapped out a route through my neighborhood, which is very hilly and was still snow-covered. The temperature had climbed to 15 degrees, and I was determined (at that point) to stick with my training schedule. I trudged up snowy hills (okay, and occasionally down) for 3.4 miles, and collapsed in my doorway at around 40 minutes. I was dizzy and nauseated, and really have to learn to drink more water.

Sunday was too cold for any outside activities, so I stuck with just the yoga. That night, I went with the sisters to Ypsi. I had planned to use Weezie's gym ID and go running there, but last minute Christmas shopping and catching up with D$ ended up taking over my life. I did go to Bikram, though, on both Monday and Tuesday.

And then, dun dun dun! I got the flu. D had it worst of all, but Weezie and I got the remnants. Still, it kept me off my feet for Wednesday and Thursday (though didn't stop me from eating lots of bad things on Christmas), and I've still got a pathetic little cough.

Today I felt healthy enough to get back in the game. Mom and I went cross country skiing this afternoon, eager to beat the warm temperatures (60s!) predicted for tomorrow, when everything will melt and the Christmas spirit with it. We skied 3.8 miles in a rather pitiful 2 hours, during which I fell on literally every single hill we careened down. Skiing requires some semblance of coordination, and I don't possess much. When we got home, I set out to run a quick 2 miles, but once I got going, felt like I could do that same 3.4 mile route that I did last week. I made it, wheezing only a little, in 36 minutes. Getting better. Still, the totals are kind of laughable.

Week 3 totals: 5.4 miles, 6 hours of yoga, 3 rest days (5 no run days)

This week so far: 3.6 miles, 3 hours of Bikram, 2 rest days (4 no run days)

I still have tomorrow and Sunday to get a few more miles in, though, so we'll see. Mom begins her training with me tomorrow! She's been dreaming about running, so I'm optimistic.

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